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HZAU Offers Online Classes amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Recently, President Li Zhaohu accepted an interview by a special program of China Education Television to introduce HZAU's main practices in epidemic prevention and control as well as online classes.

Here is the transcript of the interview:

How do you do, President Li? We have learned that among all universities and colleges in Wuhan, there are a relatively large number of students staying at HZAU during the winter vacation, especially international students. How are the students so far?

There’re 334 students staying on campus during the winter vacation, including 167 international students from 25 countries. So far, these students are safe. On the basis of the overall prevention and control of the campus, on the one hand, we have conducted education to strengthen students’ protection awareness, prohibit students from free getting in or out of campus and give them some protective supplies, such as thermometers, masks, disinfectant and hand-sanitizers. On the other hand, we have improved logistic services, such as opening a separate canteen, asking students to pack and take food to their dorms, and ensuring the supply of hot water.

What measures has HZAU taken to continue classes after the delay of returning to school?

We immediately informed all the students of the decision to delay returning to school through many ways, made educational and teaching arrangements and adjusted teaching plans as soon as possible. We’ve carried out online teaching training for teachers. All teachers set up learning groups online with teaching class as a unit where students can find the syllabus, learning tasks and learning materials. As a result, all classes can be approachable to each students via online teaching.

In addition to the above, as a national key university featuring life sciences directly under the Ministry of Education. what other specific work has HZAU done to prevent and control the epidemic in Wuhan?

One of our research teams has joined in the research of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (NCP) projects. HZAU’s Academician Chen Huanchun is appointed as the adviser of the project and Prof. Jin Meilin is one of the members of the expert group of the NCP emergency scientific research group established in Hubei. Meanwhile, we’ve actively assisted in the epidemic prevention and control in Wuhan. We have provided some protective supplies and disinfection equipment for the city. Our school hospital has also undertaken medical tasks as a quarantine for Hongshan district, offering over 60 suspected patients medical services. In addition, we have also provided suggestions for the effective supply of agricultural products.



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