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Alumni Offering Hands in Fighting Against COVID-19

The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 drew widespread attention of numerous HZAU alumni at home and abroad. On January 28, the university released an open letter to its alumni all over the world, through which it sent regards to and called on its alumni to keep themselves as well as their family safe and sound, and actively cooperate with the local prevention and control of the epidemic. The letter also told them that the Alumni Association would be always there for any help. Alumni associations in different places expressed their greetings to and interacted with alumni as well as teachers returning home both online and offline, providing necessary assistance and support for their life and work.

The university received snowed greetings and donating willingness from its alumni, after thorough research and judgement, the headquarter of epidemic prevention and control designating material-raising as the main form of donation. A list of demands was soon made and shared among alumni groups, and quick actions were taken in response to the university’s calling of making active contributions to epidemic prevention and control. In supporting of the alma mater, alumni enterprises in different places also gave sound backup locally.

Fine people and fine deeds emerged continuously amid the donation process, which highlighted the essence of "Family-close ties in HZAU” and "One in trouble, assistance comes from all". Alumni organizations in various locations such as Shenzhen Alumni Association, Hunan Alumni Association, Beijing Alumni Association set up special working teams, issued raising initiatives, and actively purchased materials to help their alma mater fight against COVID-19. There are also alumni who have mobilized their friends to engage in, as well as many institutions and organizations giving their hands like the School of Life Science and Technology of Shanghai Jiaotong University, the government of Yunyang County, Chongqing, Pet Diagnosis and Treatment Association of Jilin Province, etc. Among them, Tian Feng Securities organized social charity donating some scarce medical materials to Jianshi County, which is in pairing assistance of HZAU; HZAU MBA Federation and Risfond Executive Search(Risfond) donated epidemic prevention materials to communities and hospitals in Wuhan as well as other cities.

These countless deeds manifest unity and responsibility of HZAU alumni, who committed themselves to building a love bridge to connect with the alma mater. Through this connection, HZAU sent its care and assistance to the alumni timely; in return, it brought back the gratitude and concern of alumni which contributed greatly in fighting against COVID-19.

It is reported that under the guidance of the logistics supporting team of HZAU headquarters, online and on-site temporary working teams were set up for liaison, organization and coordination of the collection, receipt and distribution of epidemic prevention materials. The working teams updated donating details daily, sparing no efforts to make donations and their usage known and transparent, and ensuring that donations were duly distributed to designators following the wishes of the donors.

Till February 15, the total collection raised includes more than 1 thousand pieces of protective and quarantine clothing , over 6 hundred goggles, 50 thousand and more masks of various types, 30 thousand plus pairs of gloves, about 3 tons of various disinfectants and more than 20 tons of fruits and vegetables. In addition, the university received more than RMB 400 thousand for the work of epidemic prevention and control from the cooperative organizations, retired employees as well as the parents of students. Also a total of 57-ton fruits and vegetables were donated to communities in Wuhan East Lake High-tech District, Thunder God Mountain Hospital and other institutions by Risfond as mentioned, established by alumni.


Translated by: Huang Rong

Supervised by: Pan Buhan


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