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Cooperation Enterprise Donates 10,000-plus Nutritious Eggs to Help Fight Coronavirus Outbreak

On the afternoon of February 19, more than 10,000 “Sai Tao Hua” nutritious eggs donated by our scientific research cooperation unit came from Guangzhou to help the campus fight against the epidemic.

A total of 13020 donated nutritious eggs were allocated to the affiliated hospital HZAU, the department of construction and security, and the orange garden canteen as a way to send regards to medical staff, frontline personnel and international students.

Yang Renhai, director of the Alumni Office, introduced that the donor Guangdong Driving Force Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a cooperation unit of Professor He Qigai’s team of the College of Animal Sciences & Technology/College of Veterinary Medicine. Professor He contacted both the company and the Alumni Office to facilitate the donating process immediately after getting informed of the accessibility of donation. Besides, Professor He and his team purchased 10,000 yuan’s worth of eggs which arrived together with the enterprise’s donation to give support to medical staff in the affiliated hospital of HZAU and Jianghan cabin hospital.

Liu Lirong, the general manager of Guangdong Driving Force Biotechnology Co., Ltd., told reporters that they donated a total of 1 million yuan of nutritious eggs to ten hospitals in Wuhan City including Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital and Wuhan Union Hospital to help improve the health of medical staff and coronavirus patients. The affiliated hospital of HZAU is the only one among university hospitals that gets the donation. “As a scientific research cooperation enterprise, HZAU has given us a lot of support and help. Many of our outstanding employees are HZAU alumni. Now it is the time for us to give back to HZAU with gratitude.” Liu Lirong said, “The medical staff are working to protect people’s lives at the risk of being infected while patients are fighting against the virus. We hope that our nutritious eggs which play a role in increasing blood oxygen saturation may contribute to boosting their immunity and morale to combat the coronavirus.”

After receiving the nutritious eggs, the affiliated hospital quickly organized the distribution and timely delivered the “nutrition” from afar to the hands of medical staff. Fan Jinfeng, head of the party branch of the hospital, said that since the outbreak, it has received strong support from teachers, students, and alumni. Some teachers came to the hospital to donate items such as masks, latex gloves, and disinfectant, some deliberately brought N95 masks mailed by their friends and said “good steel is used on the blade”, and some alumni dedicated their efforts to raise resources for the hospital, which greatly moved the medical staff. She said, “Everybody’s concern and support give us frontline medical staff a sense of security and happiness, and also make us more confident and energetic to win this battle.”


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